09 APRIL 2016. Silene is featured on a Russian Gothic and Darkwave Compilation Messages Beyond Dark Dreams 2 - Gothic and Darkwave Compilation.
"Cathedral 13: Great compilation, highly recommended!"

New gig date added to the Gigs section.

17 SEPTEMBER 2015. Helsinki, are you ready? A new club called KRYPTA is born and we are proud to be the first live band there together with [di:Unru:]! See the Gigs section for more details.

28 APRIL 2015. New gig dates added to the Gigs section. See you at one of these venues, or all of them ;)!

27 JANUARY 2015. New gig date added to the Gigs section. CU There!.

16 MAY 2014. We will celebrate Katinka's birthday on June 13th 2014 at pub Dog's Home in Tampere. Bands playing at the event: SILENE, Tiilipiippu and Harmony Garden acoustic. Come and join us!!

02 MAY 2014. Silene's new two-song single is officially released today!

New EP out now!

You can order it from us or from the web shops mentioned in the Releases section. Or ask your local distributor.

Silene interview in Natalie's World, check it out!

The first review of our single "Unseen Memories" has also been published on She_Wolf web site.

27 DECEMBER 2013. Silene is recording new songs and a two song EP will be released next year. Watch out this section to find out more info later.
Happy New Year to all our fans and friends around the world, wishing you a fantastic year 2014!

13 AUGUST 2013. New gig dates added to the Gigs section. Come and have fun with us!

31 MAY 2013. Silene's new song "You" on Finnish Gothic Compilation "Pohjola".
Compilation "Pohjola" presents a comprehensive overview of currently active Finnish scene. It features sixteen Finnish bands from dark ambient to industrial, from goth rock to EBM music scenes. Silene is also featured on this compilation with their brand new song called "You".
You can get a full band list and ordering information of this rare and interesting CD from: Club Bella Morte.

Silene's song "Darkness Again" on German Gothic Compilation "Gothic Visions IV".
Silene is proud to be part of the new Gothic Visions IV compilation with a track "Darkness Again" from their latest album "All Our Yesterdays". The GOTHIC VISIONS IV is a CD+DVD Special Edition, which includes a very diversified collection of video and audio tracks from the alternative music scene. More information from Gothic Visions.

21 JUNE 2012. The new album "All Our Yesterdays" is out now. Currently it can be ordered from Inverse Store, Recordshop X and CDON.COM. For more details on the track list and ordering information, see the Releases section.

31 MAY 2012. Silene's new full length album "All Our Yesterdays" will be released 20 June 2012. We'll celebrate this event on the same day at Vastavirta-klubi, Tampere.
Silene will also play 07 July 2012 at the Redemption Festival, Tampere. Check the full band list and dates behind the link!
Gig dates and information on the venues can be found in the Gigs section. Hope to see you all there!

29 MAY 2012. Pawel, the drummer and one of Silene's founding members, left the band. We thank you, Pawel, for the unforgettable moments with us and wish you happy times and all the best in the Eastern Finland :).
Our new drummer is called Otto, let's all wish him welcome to the band!

05 MAY 2012. Silene joined Facebook. Thumbs up!

17 DECEMBER 2011. Our second EP "In The Middle" has been reviewed in the Subexistance Dark Music Portal. Thanks again to Isabelle S.

09 DECEMBER 2011. Silene is currently in studio - finally - recording a full length album. Recordings started today, but due to the Christmas and all, the recordings will not be finished during this year. The album will be released in the beginning of next year, so watch this site or be in contact with the band members to hear more info on the release date. Let's be in touch!

25 NOVEMBER 2011. One dark night we made an acoustic demo version of the evergreen hit '107 Raven Road'. Go and check it out on YouTube.

27 OCTOBER 2011. "107 Raven Road" EP has been reviewed in the Subexistance Dark Music Portal. Warm thanks to Isabelle S.

11 FEBRUARY 2011. There is a brand new interview with us in the Subexistance Dark Music Portal.

17 DECEMBER 2010. Silene will celebrate the New Years Eve by playing a gig at Club Underworld at O'Haras, Tampere. See more details at the Gigs section.

Silene has also undergone some line-up changes and this is the first gig with our new bass Player, Antti. Come and see how Silene sounds like nowadays, and join us in welcoming Antti into our band!

12 MAY 2010. Silene will play on 8 July at the biggest gothic festival in Scandinavia with a numerous fantastic gothic bands. Check the Lumous Gothic Festival web site. See you all there!

21 NOVEMBER 2009. Five Silene's live videos are finally visible in the YouTube. See the Audio section for the links.

02 MAY 2009. During the past months Silene has been concentrating on making new songs.

13 JULY 2008. Silene has entered a live video of "In The Middle Of Two" into The Voice TV's Carage Countdown video competition. Go and give your valuable vote to the video! :)
UPDATE: Internet voting ended on September 11th. You can still vote the video by sending an SMS: GC SILE1 to number 173172 - but note: unfortunately the sms service works only for Finnish mobile subscribers. So, special thanks to all of our friends abroad who gave us their support!
Direct link to the video here.

New gig dates added to the Gigs section.

24 JUNE 2008. Silene's "Liberty" is featured in "The Funeral Vol. 2" compilation released by a Hollywood based 272 Records.

1 MAY 2008. New 3-song EP "In The Middle" is out!
Check out the Releases section. Short mp3 clips are also available in the Audio section.

New EP out now!

24 SEPTEMBER 2007. During the summer, Silene was busy in the studio recording some new songs. The recordings are now over, and the EP release will be released in the spring 2008.

15 NOVEMBER 2007. You can read a brand new interview with us in the present issue of the UK based TWF Magazine, issue 9. Our CD is also reviewed in the magazine. Check 'em out on their Myspace page. You can order a copy from TWF Magazine home page.
The EP review is also available in the Reviews section.

08 OCTOBER 2007. Silene's 'Liberty' is currently featured on the track list of Nocturne UK - Trad Goth & Alternative Internet Radio. There are lots of other great bands, too, go and visit the site!
Some EP reviews also added to the Reviews section.

19 AUGUST 2007. A great new band, Polly Clinique, will be playing with us in October at Vastavirta-klubi. Check the link in Gigs section.

03 MAY 2007. SILENE was a featured artist at Melpomene's Music myspace on week 18.

03 MAY 2007. The gig at Ruma is cancelled because the club stopped having live acts. Sorry friends, but no worries, we'll see each other on some other gig.

19 FEBRUARY 2007. Our vocalist Katinka will be interviewed in Finnish national TV, in a program called 'Superfarmi' (YLE TV2) on Monday 26 February at 16:00. Make sure you'll be sitting tightly at your TV! :)

New gig dates added to the Gigs section. Come and check out our new material!

07 DECEMBER 2006. Now you can also order the 107 Raven Road EP by paying it into our bank account. Check the Releases section for details.

28 SEPTEMBER 2006. SILENE is now also on Myspace.
You can listen to the full versions of 'Liberty', '107 Raven Road' and 'Moonlight' there.

Get your copy now!

14 AUGUST 2006. 5-song EP "107 Raven Road" is finally out!
For more information, see the Releases section.

02 JULY 2006. The recordings in the studio are now done and the EP will be released within two-three weeks. Short mp3 clips are available in the Audio section, check them out!

11 MAY 2006. Guestbook opened, feel free to write your comments or greets.

09 MAY 2006. Website opened.

07 MAY 2006. The band is currently in studio.



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